Important update: IM.Comm 2015

As you likely already know, each year the IM Comm Conference is held at a UW campus for individuals from many disciplines across the System to discuss and share best practices for telling the UW story.  The event is organized by a volunteer Planning Committee which devotes a great deal of time, energy and resources to the success of the event.

While planning was already underway for 2015, a number of us discussed the perception the conference might portray while engrossed in a challenging budget dialogue with the State.  As the lead communicators and story tellers for UW, we want to make sure our actions reflect our message, and at a time when we are being asked to tighten our belt we believe it would be best to hiatus the conference for this year.  Our plan is to work collaboratively with you to plan for the return of the event in 2016.

We appreciate your patience as we work with campus, faculty, student, and legislative leadership throughout the budget discussion and look forward to a renewed, and vibrant discussion in 2016.

In the interim, we invite you to continue to share best practices and thoughts via the conference Facebook page.

Thank you to each of you for your ongoing service to the University of Wisconsin System, your individual institution, and to the people of the State of Wisconsin.

Thank you,

James Villa
Vice President for University Relations
University of Wisconsin System

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